What to see

Basilica of San Donato. It is one of the most ancient church in the Venetian lagoon. Inside you can admire the wonderful polychrome mosaic floor. It was restored to protect it from the flood in 1970s with the help (money) of an american couple of benefactors.

Glass Museum. It is located in Palazzo Giustiniani. It is an interesting tour. There are the most important masterpieces of Murano glassmaking.

Church of San Pietro Martire. Inside you can appreciate paintings by Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto.

For serious people. At the stop Murano Colonna (the first stop for waterbuses from Venice), turn left and continue straight on the fondamenta Vivarini. You will find a brick bridge and factories around. Here at the beginning of twentieth-century was located a branch of the Veneziani, factory from Trieste, famous in the world for its antifouling paint.
Italo Svevo – pseudonyme of Ettore Schmitz, married to the founder’s daughter – best friend of James Joyce and Eugenio Montale, author of Zeno’s conscience, was the director for a couple of years. His father-in-law tried to get him away from the writing. On the contrary the atmosfere of the island, quite and serene, was good for him who became one of the most important writers in Europe. A selfie is a must.

Island of San Michele. It is a cemetery, a few minutes of vaporetto from Murano. Here rest in peace Stravinsky, Ezra Pound, Luigi Nono, Josif Brodskj. A selfie is a must.

There are, of course, several shops selling glass jewellery, sculptures, beads. Be careful, make a choice. If you are interested in glass blowing you can visit the show rooms. Visiting a real glass factory is quiet difficult!